Pre-school and school

If you are bringing children with you to Sweden, you need to look into and apply in good time for daycare/preschool and/or school for your children.

Pre-school for young children (1–6 years)

You should look at the Umeå Kommun as soon as possible if you bring young children who need daycare services/preschool. If you want your child to have a place in a preschool in August, you should ideally apply for a place already before the last day of February the same year.

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Compulsory School and Upper Secondary School

In Sweden, school is compulsory for children from first grade (age 6) to ninth grade (age 15–16) and the municipality in which you live is obligated to offer a place in a school for your child. There is an international school available in Umeå, and you can contact the school directly to inquire if they have any places for your child/children. It is not necessary to have a Swedish personal number to be offered a place in a school.

After ninth grade, children can apply to an upper secondary school Gymnasium in Swedish.

In Umeå municipality, there are both municipal and independent upper secondary schools. You will find contact information and links to all upper secondary schools in the Umeå region:

Umea Kommun also provide help with finding Särskola (Special school) for information:

Elementry school information: Useful links

Application, apply for school

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Map of schools