First things if you have mental health complaints

  • Psychosocial team of your Health Center
    Write to them via (Ålidhems Hälsocentral)
    Waiting time several weeks-months, therapy in English possible but limited
    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 3-5 sessions
  • For employees: Psychotherapy with Falck occupational health service (before:Feelgood)
    First appointment via aurora, no approval from supervisor/dpt head needed CBT, as long as your department agrees to pay for it.
  • Churches/religious communities offer voluntary support
    University Chaplaincy open to anyone at university regardless of background, call or e-mail to book an appointment
  • Acute severe complaints/mental health crisis: psychiatric emergency
    You get help with the worst acute problems & medication
    Intake for further diagnosis (personality disorders, trauma…) is initiated, but can take a long time

Mental health acute help

  • If you are in acute danger (for yourself or someone near you): 112
  • (in Swedish, if you think about suicide)
    (Links to other helplines)
  • Akutvägen 4A, 907 37
  • Acute mental health crisis (panic attacks, suicidal): psychiatric emergency room Umeå (psychiatrisk akutmottagning Umeå)
    +46(0)90-785 65 00 (phone counseling 24/7)
    Physical emergency room: after 21:00 and on weekends, go to general emergency room

Sexual harassment or assault

Sexual harassment refers to conduct of a sexual nature (verbal or physical) that violates a person’s dignity (refer to the Discrimination Act, Umeå University)

  • Serious impact on mental health
  • Inner/outer conflicts (victim blaming, cultural background)
  • Not everyone can react constructively to your experience (Supervisor, or your random 1177 nurse)
  • Alone in a new country: vulnerability
  • In Sweden: push to report

(Sexual) harassment within university

  • Aurora page on (sexual) harassment
  • Talk to someone, your line manager.
  • If your line manager harasses you, turn to your manager’s superior;
    submit your case to
    turn to a trade union representative who can help you notify the University of what has happened.
    Contact occupational health service

Help and support lines for sexual harassment and assault

  • National Kvinnofridslinjen (women’s peace line) +46 (0)20-505050
    Website in different languages
    Available 24/7
    Anyone of any gender can call for support with sexual or domestic abuse
  • National Stödlinje för män (support line for men) +46 (0)20-808080
    Available every day 7:00-21:00
    For men subjected so sexual or domestic abuse
  • Kvinnojouren Umeå (most info on Swedish website) +46 (0) 90 77 97 00
    During weeks 8:00-16:00
    Umeå women’s shelter/idealist feminist organization, for women and girls
    Volunteers trained to provide supportive conversation
    Help with legal support by voluntary law students