Find accommodation in Umeå can be a bit tricky. Here are a few options for finding accommodation.

  • Bostaden
      This is the public housing landlord in Umeå. Average waiting times for apartments can reach around 6 years. Signing up is completely free, and only requires that you sign into the webpage once every 12 months. It is highly recommended to join Bostaden before arriving in Sweden. You can find Bostaden’s website here.
  • Umeå University Housing Office
      Short term (up to 2 years) accommodation can be organised through the UmU Housing Office, depending on form of employment. Your department/ institute can help you with applying for this. You can find more information on the Housing Office here.
  • Private landlords
      Blocket is Sweden’s private marketplace, where you can find listings for items, furniture, cars and apartments. This can be a good option if you are in need of a short-term rental, as people often sub-let short-term contracts here. Just be careful with the contracts that you sign.
      Kvalster is a Sweden-wide website that allows you to compare prices for accommodation from different sources (such as Bostaden,, etc). It can be useful to get an initial view of what may be available and where.
  • Other information