Swedish Network of Postdoc Associations (SNPA)

With SNPA, we aim to improve the work and life experience of postdocs in Sweden with a focus on career development and advocative projects. For this purpose, our representatives on the executive board of SNPA coordinate with Swedish universities and colleges to propose networking activities. Furthermore, SNPA allows us vital exchange with other postdoc associations. We can learn from others how to improve, what to do and can identify common problems.

SLU Postdoc Association (SLUPA)

We frequently co-organize social events with our sister association representing postdocs at SLU Umeå.

Future Faculty (link)

Our representatives are involved in Future Faculty. This organization at Umu’s faculty of medicine assists the PhD holders who have not yet obtained a tenured position. Future Faculty mainly focus on events for researchers who plan to stay in academia.

Arctic Centre at Umeå University (ARCUM)

We are part of the arctic network that includes Umeå University and five other north Scandinavia universities. ARCUM allows postdocs to present their work in seminars, discuss funding opportunities, and build a network in diverse disciplines.

International Staff Support Office (ISO)

We collaborate with ISO to support the postdocs and other staff members in their stay in Umeå and improve their work environment. We highly encourage every newcomer to attend their introductory program.

Research Support and Collaboration Office (RSO)

We exchange with the RSO to identify which information on research funding and collaboration in Sweden and worldwide are needed for young researchers. In addition, RSO provides workshops for specific grants and individual feedback on applications. Finally, RSO collaborates with ISO to organize the introductory program day, where they offer us to introduce ourselves. On this occasion, we held a panel discussion between junior and senior researchers on grant writing.

Centre for Educational Development (UPL

UPL promotes pedagogical development for teachers and researchers at Umeå University. They offer courses, workshops and seminars to develop essential teaching skills.