“Publish AND perish”: A warning about predatory journals.

Careful, they are watching you. Predatory publishers are ceaseless looking for their next victim -and this could be you-. How to avoid falling into their trap? Can you spot all the red flags in the following email?: Greetings Margarita Espona-Fiedler, We have genuinely emailed you quite a lot of times

Building sustainable working environments and career paths:  an all-in approach (part 2).

One of the greatest pleasures of working in academia is the intellectual freedom to explore new areas of knowledge, to learn, to be creative and to develop our own ideas. Accordingly to Amy Edmonson´s psychological safety model, a good way to excel as professionals and thrive in our careers comes

Building sustainable working environments and career paths:  an all-in approach (part 1).

The “bottle neck” effect within academia is a world-wide issue that has asphyxiated the career of many postdocs -and still does- undermining the whole spirit of the scientific community. Brain draining and quiet quitting are just few of the consequences we have seen as a result of professional uncertainty and

Mentoring programmes and career development opportunities.

At Umeå University there are many opportunities to advance our career as postdoctoral researchers although finding them might feel like the Great Easter Egg Hunt sometimes. Without proper coaching and mentoring schemes it is difficult to know where to start from; and by the time we know, it might be

Did you know about the Life Science Umeå Job Fair?

This is an annual event organized by Umeå Biotech Incubator where you´ll have the chance to learn more and connect with life science companies from Umeå. Save the date! 20th March at Universum (Rotundan)


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