So you’ve just been offered (and accepted) a postdoc position in Umeå? Great! However, before you hop on the plane (or boat, or train) and head up to Umeå, there’s a few things you’ll need to organise.

Check if you need a permit and/or visa

If you are coming from a country outside of the EU/EEA, you will most likely need a residency permit. These can be applied for through your local Swedish Embassy or Consulate, and more information can be found here. The time for these decisions can take a while (a few months), and following a successful application you will receive the letter IN THE POST. You will need this letter to enter Sweden. This can also take time to arrive, so plan accordingly!


Additionally, depending on what country you are travelling from, you may also need to apply for a visa. You can find the list of countries that require a visa here, and find more information about the visa application process here. If you require a visa to enter Sweden, you will need to visit your local Swedish Embassy or Consulate to get your biometrics logged and wait for your residency permit card to arrive before you leave for Sweden.

Begin to organise accommodation

This is covered in more detail under Finding Accommodation. However, since it can be difficult to organise a place to live from the other side of the world, it is a good idea to reach out to your hosting department or the people in your group to help organise something short-term. You don’t want to spend your first weeks in Umeå sleeping outside!

Check the government website for additional info

It can never hurt to be too prepared! Depending on where in the world you are moving from, there are a number of things to consider. To make things easier, there are two useful websites you are encouraged to check out beforehand: the Taxation Agency’s “Moving to Sweden” page which contains handy information about what things you will need to consider and organise for your move to Sweden.

Get in touch and say hello!

Moving to the other side of the world can be an exciting and scary prospect, but it’s always better with friends! Reach out to the Umeå Postdoc Society and say hi through our Contact Us page, subscribe to our mailing list, or keep an eye on our Upcoming Events to see if there is anything you can attend when you first arrive!