Magnus Wolf-Watz

“I am supporting ‘Umeå Postdoc Society’ because the future of our University is sculpted in the hands of our talented postdocs and also because the society can help support the careers of our postdocs careers as well as enabling future requirements to Umeå.”

Magnus Evander
Clinical Microbiology

“I am supporting ‘Umeå Postdoc Society’ because postdocs need a platform and a network to develop as researcher, to find career paths in their future, and to contribute to the development of our University. The postdoc society is important for new postdocs at Umeå university as a society where they can get support and a sense of belonging during their time at Umeå.

Hjalmar Laudon

“Postdocs are one of the most important staff categories both in terms of the research they conduct, but also as potential ambassadors for their host institutes once they have moved on in their careers. For this reason, the postdoc association plays an important role in both helping out to get a flying start once arriving to their new postdoc life, and provide a social attractive environment during their stay.”

Oliver Billker

Postdocs make enormous contributions to our research teams at critical points in their own careers. They deserve all the support we can give them to take the next step, not just in an academic career.”

Teresa Frisan
Molecular Biology

“Postdocs are a strong pillar of our research community, and the society is a valuable asset to promote an attractive and inclusive environment to foster creativity, collaboration and cross-contamination among fields.”

Thomas Wågberg

“Building a good and dynamic research environment is one of the main focus areas for a research group leader, and post doctors are very important components in this team building, since they bring in expertise, experience and can help to tie together the work of PhDs with the rest of the group members.”

Olivier Keech
Umeå Plant Science Center

“Post-doctoral time can be overwhelming both in terms of professional and personal experience. In my eyes, the Umeå post-doc society is essential to provide a friendly and professional platform where all postdocs are welcome to share their experience, seek counsel, and extend their professional network beyond their own institution to make their stay as enjoyable and fruitful as possible.”

Jon Moen
Ecology and Environmental Science

I am supporting UPS for two main reasons. Firstly, postdocs have an important role in the building of excellent research groups at the university. And secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the postdoc period is an important phase in the career of a researcher, and we need to give them the best support and career development that we can.

Lisa Hed
Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Postdocs play a crucial role in our department’s research. However, they often encounter several challenges when coming to Umeå. UPS provide important support to the postdocs, assisting them in both professional and social integration into the Umeå community.