The Umeå Postdoc Society (UPS) was initiated in 2020 to create a networking environment in an open and inclusive society for all postdocs (contract or stipend holders) situated in Umeå.

Everyone from Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural (SLU, at Umeå campus) is considered a standard member of the Society, thus, has the right to be informed and have access/participate in all the events UPS is organizing.

We believe that we are stronger together by exchanging ideas and working hand in hand so that we can make the best of our time here.

The members actively involved in the functioning of the Society are part of the organizational board and are divided into 6 different Offices:

Anyone interested in becoming an active member is welcome to contact us.

Each office is composed of a Chair, a Vice-Chair and the other members. The Chairs of the different offices meet once per month to discuss current issues, progress, and ideas for the future. Besides those Chair meetings, the Organizational Board is regularly meeting to nurture the exchange between the different entities and discuss and take decisions about the development of the society. This creates plenty of opportunities to contribute and make a difference!

UPS is getting support and advice from the advisory board consisting of several PIs from different institutes. They are the constant value and foundation of the society. The Presidency Office meets The Advisory Board twice a year or more when important matters arise.

We are financially supported by different departments and centres at the University: Chemistry Department, MIMS, Virology Department, Molecular Biology Department, Physics Department and Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics Department.